Legal Structure

The Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization representing and serving New Mexico’s cities, counties and Native American pueblos, nations and tribes. It exists within the Santa Fe Community Foundation (SFCF), which is a 501(c)3 organization and is the Coalition’s fiscal sponsor. Under that umbrella the Coalition operates as a program, with the ability to guide its operations and seek membership dues, grants and donations to fund those operations.


Full membership is comprised of one elected official, a designated staff member as point of contact, and other appropriate staff designees. All members will serve on the Steering Committee and elected officials will serve on the Executive Committee. Additional staff members and partners from membership communities are welcome to attend specific activities.


The Coalition is guided by an Executive Committee, Working Groups, Steering Committee, and Executive Director and other Coalition staff. The Steering Committee is comprised of all Coalition Members and recommends priorities, activities, and policies to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of all officers, up to five additional members and the Executive Director, and finalizes the policy platform and annual work plan of the Coalition. Working groups will be formed to further develop policies and strategies relevant to the Coalition’s policy platform. Day-to-day activities and the work on policies established by the Executive Committee are carried out by an Executive Director and staff.