A key activity of the Coalition is combining policy interests from a number of communities into a cohesive voice advocating for state policy. At times, the Coalition will initiate legislation, as desired by its members, and share Resolutions for consideration at the local level.

Collaboration and Networking

The Coalition will work with members to identify areas of sustainability that can best be resolved through coordinated government action and leveraging collective resources. The Coalition will develop opportunities to share best practices.

Solutions Development

The Coalition will convene working groups to develop multiple-stakeholder solutions to priority challenges. It will also secure funding support from state, federal and philanthropic sources to further support these activities.


·      Formally secured four founding Members.

·      Developed and advanced the first major bill, The Community Solar Act (HB210, SB281), sponsored by Representative Roybal Caballero and Senator Stefanics and supported by the founding Coalition members as well as a broad array of other stakeholders in the 2019 legislative session.

·      Convened in April 2019 a Sustainable Technology R&D Consortium Roundtable to discuss critical challenges and begin exploring practical processes for solving them.