Our members are local governments that represent geographically and culturally diverse cities, counties, and Native American pueblos, nations and tribes across New Mexico. Our members are committed to developing common understanding, aligning our interests, and working together to amplify our voices in order to create resilient, equitable and sustainable communities now and for the future.

Our Commitment

  • Leading in increasing climate actions around reducing carbon emissions as well as adapting to climate change statewide and promoting such actions and sustainability solutions for local governments and their constituents.

  • Advocating for legislation, regulations, and administrative actions to allow for energy choice, resource conservation, equity, and greater climate action at the local level.

  • Collaborating and Networking in identifying climate and sustainability issues best resolved through coordinated governmental action, leveraging collective resources, and sharing best practices.

  • Developing Solutions in collaborative and practical ways to address our biggest challenges regarding climate change and sustainability.