We envision New Mexico as a leader in climate action and sustainability.

Our Coalition will speak in a united voice to ensure resilient, healthy, prosperous communities across New Mexico that provide an excellent quality of life for current and future citizens.

Communities in our coalition are committed to sustainability and embrace resource conservation, renewable energy, social equity and engagement, and sustainable practices

Our members are communities that represent geographically and culturally diverse cities, counties, and Native American pueblos, nations, and tribes.

We are committed to developing a common understanding and working together to amplify our voices creating resilient and sustainable communities now and for the future. 

Our Commitment

  • Leadership in increasing renewable energy options and promoting other climate and sustainability actions for local governments and their constituents. 

  • Advocating for legislation, regulations, and administrative actions to allow for energy choice, resource conservation, equity, and greater climate action at the local level.

  • Collaborating in identifying sustainability issues best resolved through coordinated governmental action and leveraging collective resources and efforts in addressing the adverse impacts of climate change. 

  • Capacity building in creating awareness of nationwide best practices that can be readily adapted by local governments. Best practices and training will be made available to all coalition members.                                                         

Who We Are

The Coalition is a membership organization. A nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition representing and serving New Mexico’s cities, counties and Native American pueblos, nations, and tribes. It exists within the Santa Fe Community Foundation (SFCF), which is a 501(c)3 organization and is the Coalition’s fiscal sponsor.

Under that umbrella the Coalition operates as a program, with the ability to guide its operations and seek memberships, grants and donations to fund those operations. It currently operates with grant funding. The Coalition is expected to broadly represent New Mexico communities with policy proposals that will advance the resiliency of communities in the state. 

Full membership is comprised of one elected official from each community plus a senior staff designee. Members will serve on the Steering Committee, with one vote per community, and vote to set policies and elect those in leadership positions of Chair and Vice Chair of the Steering Committee. Throughout the year, members will bring forward issues to considered, to be further developed in Working Groups of the membership and then vetted in the Steering Committee. Decisions to move forward on an initiative are decided by majority vote of the Steering Committee. In further developing collaboration opportunities, Affiliate membership is available to other groups – NGOs, educational institutions, private industry – and whose members can participate in most meetings and in Working Groups as non-voting members.

The Steering Committee consists of voting members and leadership is elected by the membership. Day-to-day activities and the policies established by the Steering Committee are carried out by an Executive Director and staff. In the first year, members will not be required to pay membership fees. Subsequently, fees will be assigned. Within the first year, the founding Steering Committee members will design the fee structure which will consider offsetting of fees by in-kind donations of staff resources. While the Coalition will work on issues involving governmental entities, it remains a distinct legal entity from those governmental bodies.

Principal Services


A key activity is aligning policy interests into a coordinated, resourced voice advocating for state policy; yet, independent actions of member communities are encouraged. At times, the Coalition will initiate the writing of model legislation as desired by its members. The Coalition’s first major bill it has developed and advanced is the Community Solar Act (HB210), sponsored by Representative Roybal Caballero and Senator Stefanics and supported by a broad array of stakeholders.  Policies developed by members can be offered to the membership for consideration as well. Policies developed by the Coalition will be reviewed and developed in Working Groups and approved by majority vote of the Steering Committee. Communities are encouraged and can be assisted in drafting Resolutions as well as in lobbying the Legislature in support of them.  

Capacity Building

In its educational role, members will receive detailed information on key issues of proposed policies, legislation and regulations. The Coalition will provide resources and guidance around best practices to help build competencies across management and leadership in the communities. Training resources can be developed to assist in the education of member communities on issues of climate action and sustainability.

Solutions Development

The Coalition will develop and convene working groups designated to tackle solutions requiring multiple stakeholders. It will also secure funding support from state, federal and philanthropic sources to further support its activities.

Networking and Collaboration

The Coalition will network with groups represented by Affiliate members and other similar statewide organizations inside or outside of New Mexico.